Collaboration between Grupo Casais and IKEA - with the participation of CARPIN - results in the Tiny House

Grupo Casais and IKEA have joined forces in a collaboration that provides sustainable, healthy, comfortable, and inspiring construction and housing solutions at controlled prices. Thus, the Tiny House was born, integrating the concept of First Evolutionary Buildings professional residences.

CARPIN, a company within the Grupo Casais, was responsible for the design, manufacturing, and assembly of various carpentry solutions and prefabricated wooden elements, reinforcing their commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable solutions in the construction industry.

The inauguration of the Tiny House on May 30th marked another significant milestone in this collaboration. With an area of 36 m2, the Tiny House is an example of a flexible modular space that promotes the adoption of more sustainable and efficient options.

CARPIN played a crucial role in the project's design, including the creation and execution of the CREE facade, surrounding walls, wooden openings, door, frames, supporting structure, and exterior cladding. Each solution was carefully designed not only for functionality but also for aesthetic and conceptual integration in harmony with the environment.

The Tiny House can be visited at the Nova Arcada Shopping Center, near the main entrance of IKEA Braga. This project exemplifies the joint commitment of the companies to offer modern, sustainable, and affordable housing solutions.

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