New Products by Carpin - Casais Wood & Metal

All doors and windows are made in solid or laminated wood with profiles that combine aesthetics with functionality.
As C.E marking requirements for the commercialization of exterior windows and doors in the EU (Standard NP EN 14351 1: 2006 + A1 2011), and in order to comply with it, all profiles have been tested in accredited international laboratories respecting characteristics such as: water tightness (EN 12208), air permeability (EN 12207), wind resistance (EN 12210), thermal transmission (EN ISO 12567-1) and acoustic performance (EN ISO 140-3 and EN ISO 717 -1).

These new products stand out from the other ARCHIWOODXXI brand products for the materials optimization and manufacturing process but also for the greater versatility and customization it offers to designers.

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