Carpin cares about environment

Carpin uses in its production process a painting robot whose operation uses rolls of paper. After its use, these rollers were hazardous waste, in accordance with LER 150202 - Absorbents, filtering materials (including oil filters not previously specified, cleaning cloths and protective clothing contaminated with dangerous substances) – so, they are sent to a licensed operator.

Last year, Carpin established a partnership with Tecminho (entity of the University of Minho), which, according to article 3, paragraph 2, of Administrative Rule 209/2004, of March 3, proceeded to the characterization of this waste. This entity has concluded that the waste can be considered as "non-hazardous", and it is therefore possible to classify it with LER 150203 (Absorbents, filter materials, wiping cloths and protective clothing not covered by LER 150202).

In this sense, Carpin proceeded to the second phase of the study, which consisted in the accomplishment of a test of burning in laboratory of a sample of the waste. This report recommends that the waste has a strong potential to be valorised energetically in a biomass boiler, isolated or diluted in another biomass. At this moment, the company has already authorization from the Ministry of the Environment to perform an experimental test in the boiler and, if the result is positive, submit to its approval for continued burning.

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